About Us

Education for Life.


Established in 2004; moved to our current site in 2015. We have been providing private one-to-one tuition which has enabled our tutees to progress to the educational establishments of their choice.

If you are struggling, or just want to increase your grades, we will enable you to better your subject knowledge and master exam techniques so that you are able to improve your grades from a "U" to a C or even better an A. With the right committment from you and the correct frame of mind, anything is possible. In order to achieve this you need to be proactive and enrol with us before it is too late. By enrolling before the start of the academic year, you will considerably enhance your success rate and grade.

Contact Smarter Tutor to arrange your one-to-one, group tuition or attend our refresher courses.


We provide tuition in English at primary, secondary and adult level .


Mathematics tuition is available at primary, secondary and adult levels.


Science tuition is provided from year 7 up to university degree level (particularly in Biology) .