Education, Education, Education is the mantra at Smarter Tutor.

Don't let your child's education or lack of let your child down. They only get one chance in life at a good education. Your child may have been bypassed by the state system, not been able to access the Grammar School / Independent school system, after all they are highly selective, but there is nothing to stop your child from accessing SMARTER TUTORS and improving their educational opportunities. We never turn away any child, and will work with you to improve your child's education to the best of their capability and potential.

  • Clock - a measure of time
  • Bar Chart - a mathematical measure
  • Computing - laptop
  • Communications - via email, of course!
  • Science - Medical
  • Engineering - a small cog in a big machine
  • Sign Posting
  • Perpetual Motion - stuck in a loop


A fundamental right of every human to be able to access education.


Literacy and numeracy are two key skills essential in modern life.


A lack of or poor education can be disasterous for your child's future. This means there is only one choice:



Smarter Tutor provide tuition in English at various levels: from primary English, GCSE English, A Level English, ESOL, IELTS and general adult literacy.


Mathematics underpins much of modern life. Smarter tutor provide mathematics tuition from primary, SATS, 11+, Independent Entrance Exams, GCSE and A Level Maths as well as adult numeracy.



Smarter Tutor provide tuition in science in individual sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics from primary school science, GCSE science (Double, Triple Science, Foundation and Higher). Smarter Tutor are also able to provide support at Degree Level.

Teenagers discussing their studies


Smarter Tutor believes that computing is best learnt when young so that it becomes second nature, just like holding a pen is for most people.
Smarter Tutor also intend to launch special computer classes for young children. These will enable them to learn to design their own apps and maybe
be well on their way to becoming the next computer millionaire - anything is possible, the only limit is your child's imagination - let it reign free
and who knows what your child may achieve!



Smarter Tutor fully supports every individual's right to access education, including adults.
If you need English Language qualifications and English is not your first language then the ESOL /IELTS qualifications may be the better choice for you.

Additional Subjects

Smarter Tutor also support other subjects on request. These include Geography, Economics and Psychology, amongst others (on request).

What are you waiting for, enrol your child now!

Every second that you wait is a lost opportunity and time that will never be regained. The sooner you act the sooner your child will be able to achieve their full potential.